Fact 1: New Zealand is a nation of drivers. We love our roads. We either know someone heading on a roadtrip, or are that person. However, with fuel prices skyrocketing, hitting the road is getting pricey.

Fact 2: sending large items long distances in NZ is terribly expensive and takes weeks through traditional channels.

Fact 3: Betterway fixes both of these problems at once. It connects people who want to send stuff with drivers heading in that direction, with space in their vehicle. It just makes sense.

Seeing the transformative potential of the idea, I excitedly offered my services to Riki the founder and worked closely with him to rebrand from an existing Lonelyseat identity and completely redesign the web application. The result was a beautiful, recognisable new design that’s currently being developed.


User Research
Competitor Research
User Flows
User Testing
High-Fidelity Design
Design System Creation


Riki Manarangi - Founder
Ellesh Bohra - Senior Developer


March - April 2022


My first stop was to speak with people that matched our target audiences. We identified what our drivers and senders looked like, and found people in our extended circles willing and able to give unbiased feedback on ur idea. The conversations were guided by Interview Guides that helped inform our next steps.

Riki had identified 5 possible kinds of senders and drivers, but had trouble selecting the key ones. This triggered a series of crucial conversations about our ideal end user. Personas, empathy maps, user stories and user journeys then brought our two key driver and sender audiences to life. These discussions and getting it down on paper gave Riki greater empathy for and clarity about the intended audience and gave me a springboard from which to start my dive into the design.

Next, I undertook a mini competitive analysis. This analysis identified ways we could differentiate ourselves from the competition through imagery, colour, branding, function and style.

Riki knew he needed to rebrand from his previous name - Lonelyseat. People were getting confused as to what this referred to and felt the word lonely made them feel negatively about the brand. After coming up with a few options, Riki was taken by the name Betterway. I presented this to him alongside some campaign ideas that play around with the phrase.

The colour palette I created took the strong, bright orange used by Lonelyseat but in a slightly more modern shade, and balanced it out with other harmonious colours.

The typography chosen supports Betterway’s values - especially being human. It isn’t perfect, and has handwriting-like quirks if you look closely. It was a perfect match.

There was vast room for improvement on Lonelyseat’s site design. It was overly complex, and didn’t give users a clear direction in which to head to use the product. I dreamed up a new sitemap that helped users achieve success in as few clicks as possible.The main user flows centred around the messaging function, this was where the magic happened. I identified what would happen after the user took each action which helped guide my next steps.

I looked to current design trends and other successfully designed websites for inspiration. I went wide, before working out which solutions best fit Betterway.I whipped up some quick sketches to illustrate my ideas and pinpoint any problem areas.

I translated these ideas into wireframes using Figma and bounced these wireframes off the team.

I then created a low-fidelity prototype, using Invision.

Testing the wireframes proved invaluable. Using think-aloud, first-impression and single-task testing methods I was able to work out how the user interacted with the site and areas for improvement.

After that, a high-fidelity prototype was born. The designs were ticked off and Ellesh our developer got to work, utilising the design system I created to make his job easier.
I showcased my designs to the team, walking them through it screen by screen.

Betterway functions similarly to Facebook-Marketplace, in that senders and drivers connect through their inboxes. However, Betterway goes one step beyond to guide them through the process and keep everything they need to know along the way in one place.

Both drivers and senders have public-facing profiles, with drivers having the option to add a bio. Reviews are displayed front and centre so both parties get to know who they are dealing with, and feel more comfortable engaging with a stranger over the internet. Knowing a little about the person driving away with your valued goods was a key issue identified from user interviews.

The status of your delivery, messages with the other party and actions taken can all be found on the same screen, saving the user time and effort .